Damnationland 2014

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Damnationland is an invite only film festival held every October at venues throughout Maine. Six filmmakers are selected to create a short horror film specifically for the event. As luck would have it, we were selected again this year to participate with our short film Tickle. The event kicked off in style on October 17th at The State Theatre in Portland, ME. With over 638 people in attendance, we couldn’t have asked for a better world premiere. Damnationland would continue to screen across the state. Haley and I attended a near sold out show ay=t The Magic Lantern in Bridgeton on October 24th, as well as screenings at the Frontier, Kahbang Gallery, The Saco Drive-In, The nickelodeon and Gurthrie’s Independent Cinema.

Now that Damnationland has come to an end, we look forward to seeing how Tickle fares on the horror circuit next.