Primordial Sound Premiere’s on Vice

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Today, we’re very happy to announce the release of Primordial Sound, the latest music video from Indiana based progressive metal band The Contortionist on  In a recent interview, guitar player Robby Baca had this to say:

“Primordial Sound” is one song that I am very proud of,” says guitarist Robby Baca. “I had so much fun writing that song! I can’t wait to share this video with everyone. The director did a fantastic job for us. The visual elements are extremely important to us and this is a video that we feel exemplifies the overall vibe that we are going for.  -Alternative Press

As much as I enjoyed the videos for Primordial Sound and Language I, it is the experience of making these videos that I hold dearest. In the brief temporal jump that my wife tells me was five days, we would shoot in both the lush forests and fields of Maine, as well as the barn infested corn fields on Indiana as myself, Kenn, Ben, Joey, Ant, and David set out on a filmmaking trek that would lead us half way across the country.

It’s crazy how much a small production unit can improvise when less than ideal situations present themselves. What do you do when the band wants to perform in an all white environment, but you don’t have the funds to rent a studio with a cyc? All you need is some white backdrops courtesy of Amazon, a wrap around porch, and a Ben Heald.