World of Death Coming to Blu-Ray

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In 2014, we created a short horror film titled “M is for Mother” for the ABC’s of Death 2 competition. Although our short wasn’t selected, we found ourselves with a new opportunity. With over 400 unique films created for the contest, the filmmakers decided to band together to create our own anthology that would come to be known as World of Death. Seeing potential in the concept, the website Bloody Disgusting came onboard as a presenting sponsor, and together, we began launching the shorts as a weekly web series. With over 120 episodes now released, we felt it was finally time to release some of the shorts as part of a limited edition Blu-Ray collection. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll begin selling World of Death Volume 2 on our web store. It will feature the original version of “Mother” as well as 28 other killer short films.

1. Introduction
2. Trust – Jerry Pyle
3. Madame Macabre Tells a Terrible Tale about Tongues – Tracy Rosenblum
4. Mannequism – Katya Mokolo
5. Mustache Legends – Mattias Borner
6. Vessel – Wayne Pombert II
7. My Name Is… – Will Higo
8. Fitness Class Zombie – Chris Walsh
9. Chomper – Alyssa Devine & Griffin Devine
10. Mousetrap – Craig Stewart
11. Mick’d – Steven Pettit Jr.
12. Ca$hed – Shelly & Michael Doss
13. What If We Got Off On The Wrong Foot? – Bo Campbell
14. Psychedelia – Bryan Wolford
15. Forever – Mat Corbett
16. Monogamy – Mark Furini
17. Mothman – L.M. Harter
18. Run, Run, Radiation – Ben Lewandowski
19. Snuff – Maude Michaud
20. Monongahela Monster – John Skinkis
21. Tentacles – Derek Braasch
22. Confessions of a Mime – Martin Vrede Nielsen
23. Other – Daniel DelPurgatorio
24. Meat – Rich Sargent
25. Tag – Shane Ryan
26. When the Purge Ends – Elias Clark Thomas
27. Maltese – Ashton Golembo
28. Two Birds – Brendan Beachman
29. Mother – Corey Norman