The Hanover House Nominated for a Golden Rake Award

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We’re very excited to have our first feature film, The Hanover House, included as one of the 30 films in contention for one of this year’s Golden Rake Awards.

“The Golden Rake Award for Indie Horror is’s way of giving respect and attention to low budget, horror films. 30 films from 2014, all with a budget of under $100k and each with a run time of at least 60 minutes, have entered for a chance to win 1 of the 3 awards. Each film will be voted on by the staff of and the 10 with the highest averages will be official nominations. Of those, the 3 with the highest averages will be winners of the prestigious, but cheaply handmade, Golden Rake Awards. Nominees and winners will all receive laurels to be used for promotion on websites, DVD covers, etc. The list of official Golden Rake entries can be found HERE.

But what’s an award event without an audience? That’s what I asked myself before I decided that the Golden Rake Award will be a live streamed event!!! On February 20th at 9 pm est, go to to view the live broadcast straight from my parent’s basement because they pay for a better internet package than my apartment building does! All 10 nominees will be named LIVE on air and the 3 winners will be announced by our celebrity co-host! Who? The Twisted Twins themselves! Jen & Sylvia Soska! They will not only be co-hosting the event, but will be interviewed live on the air!”

Hosted by The Soska Sisters, directors of American Mary, Dead Hooker in the Trunk and See No Evil 2.