The Hanover House Makes It’s World Premiere at Dead at the Drive-In

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_SRH9356May 9th started off with rain. Normally something like this wouldn’t phase me, but when you’re making a world premiere at a drive-in, weather is kind of a big deal. We could put the windshield wipers on if we needed to, but we knew the rain would keep people away.  As luck would have it, the rain never came, giving us the perfect weather for the first annual Dead at the Drive-In Film Festival.

Over the course of two days, 348 cars and over 1,000 moviegoers flocked to the Saco Drive-In to catch the world premieres of the feature films, The Hanover House and How to Kill a Zombie. The drive-in provided the perfect atmosphere for these films, and the audiences was blown away.

_SRH9494Along with the two features, some of the best shorts from around the country were shown, including: Tony’s Wash’s The Muck, Patrick Rea’s Counterparts, The Root of the Problem, Buck Savage in: The City of the Damned, and Say Goodbye, as well as our own films Tongue Tied and NATAL.

I’d like to thank all the filmmakers, and musicians who came together to make this event a reality.  Thank you to the Ry Russell at the Saco Drive-In for giving our orphaned films a home in our time of need, and thank you to each and everyone of you who attended.  We’ll see you at Dead at the Drive-In 2015!