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Mark and Jerry over at talk about The Hanover House on the newest installment of their podcast.  Check it out and and see what they thought of Oculus, The Stuff and Godzilla as well while you’re listening.


“Greetings & salutations, Children of the Night. Welcome to another episode of The Horror Movie Show, hosted by Mark & Jerry. Plenty to talk about this time around.

Oculus is a story about all the horrible monstrosities that haunt an antique mirror. No, this mirror is not in the Kardashian home. Instead, the mirror is the focus of a fine ghost movie with more twists and turns than a ghoul’s intestinal tract. A fulsome review begins this week’s episode.

Indie flick The Hanover House opens its doors next, directed by Corey Norman. This worthy effort is followed by the latest version of Godzilla. If you hear those giant footfalls approaching, leave the theatre at once. Not even Bryan Cranston can save this remake.

A pair of oldies are discussed. The Stuff (1985) is a Larry Cohen flick starring Michael Moriarty & is a lot of fun. The Town that Dreaded Sundown (1976) is a proto-teen-slasher movie & as such deserves some comment, though it has not aged well. A remake or sequel is in the works.

Finally, a Korean creature feature from 2011, Sector 7, pits a cute but tough young lady against a very large & combustible monster from under the sea. Go monster!”.