The Contortionist “Early Grave” Day 1

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After nearly four years since our last collaborative effort, we have begun making a new music video for the Indiana based progressive metal band The Contortionist. I’ve know Mike Lessard, the band’s vocalist, for nearly twenty years now, so it’s always a special time when we get together to bring one of his songs to the screen.

The singe being used for this video is entitled “Early Grave,” and is Mike’s anthem to though going through difficult points in their lives. Like all our collaborations, we wanted to showcase the natural beauty of that our fine state has to offer. For our first day of production, we shot both the band’s performance, as well as some narrative elements in an experimental forest in Lyman, ME. Fans in the band will recognize this location from the 2014 release “Language I.”

We’ll be posting a photo gallery very soon, so stay tuned.