Picking Brains Podcast Episode #73

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Episode Synopsis:
The guest this episode is Corey Norman. Corey’s first feature film, ‘The Hanover House will premiere at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival. Corey also has a short film, ‘Natal’ that is making the festival rounds. Add to that his entry in the ‘World Of Death’ compilation and you have the makings of a very busy up and coming filmmaker. Corey and I discuss his experiences in getting ‘The Hanover House’ made, his thoughts on independent film-making, and a hell of a ghost story from the set. I urge you all to check out “The Hanover House’ when it shows near you and keep an eye out for ‘World Of Death’ in the near future. Thanks again to Corey for the time and discussion on what promises to be a film that will get under your skin and resonate for days.