HorrorHound Weekend Recap

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This past weekend we decided to take the 2,000 mile round trip to Cincinnati, OH to attend one of our absolute favorite festivals, HorrorHound Weekend.  Our film TICKLE was set to screen Friday night at midnight before the soon to be indie classic Headless.  We got to the event as the doors opened, spent some time meeting celebrities and checking out vendors, before catching Joe Stauffer’s Pieces of Talent.  This was, in my opinion, the best film of the weekend.  Not long after Pieces of Talent finished, we screened Tickle to a room of roughly 300 people.  The response was amazing.  People laughed early on, and cheered as the gore began.  For the rest of the weekend, we would be stopped by festival goers who loved our film.


On Saturday Morning, I (Corey) had the opportunity to sit on my first ever indie filmmakers panel.  It was an honor to sit amongst so many filmmakers I respect, such as: Patrick Rea (Nailbiter, Howl of a Good Time), Jason Tastevin (‘Til Death, I Owe U), Jeremiah Kipp (Painkiller, The Minions), Paul Travers (Old 37), Brian Williams (Run, Time to Kill) and Scott Schemer (Found, Headless).  This experience left me feeling energized and hopeful about the current state of indie horror.  I really feel like I made some new life long friends.

We spent the rest of Saturday watching films and fan boying it up.  I’d like to send out a huge thank you to writer Paul Travers for giving us his seats at his own premiere so we could get into the sold out room.  It was great to support my fellow filmmaker, and really cool to be sitting right behind Kane Hodder.

Every time we attend this event, it always seems to go by way to fast.  With a 16 hour drive in front of us, we left early Sunday morning. As soon as we hit the interstate, I was already looking forward to September’s con.  Thank you Jason Hignite, for continuing to support us and program our work at such a rad festival.