Becoming One with the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge

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Have you ever looked at a bridge and wondered, how long will that bridge last? Will it be here once I’m gone? Today, community members from Kittery and Portsmouth came together to leave their mark on a piece of history. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has arranged a unique opportunity. They transported a thirty foot section of the Sarah Mildred Long Bridge, currently in construction, to the USS Albacore Museum and invited the community for an up close and personal look, but that wasn’t all. They invited folks to sign the inside of the bridge with sharpies.

In the 8-hours that we documented the event, the sides, ceiling and even part of the floor were filled by the over 600 participants who came to leave their mark. From your own John Hancock, to the names of those we’ve lost, these signatures will be sealed within the bridge, only to be viewed again once the structure is ready to be replaced. It’s a regular old pen and ink time capsule, and we at Bonfire Films are lucky to have witnessed such an amazing event.

It’s not every day that you encourage children to write on walls with markers.