Bald Eagle Investments

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You never know quite what the project will be when you get the call from Beverly Boy, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I love working for them. Today we shot a series of testimonials with corresponding B-Roll for Bald Eagle Investments.

The shoot would bring us to a shared office space in downtown Boston that afforded us a lot of interesting locations in which to stage our interview shots. So often, when shooting in this kind of spaces, we’re left with a lot of redundant feeling backgrounds, but not today. I loved utilizing the natural light in our first set up, before embracing in the harsh contrast in our second set up. I’m glad the client allowed me to have some fun when staging the background elements in this particular frame.

Our Final interview of the day was shot in front of a large monitor.I absolutely loved the color contrast that came as a result of this. Initially, I was worried that we might have a lot of glare as a result of our placement, but some simple adjustments to our LEDs solved that problem. All in all, today was another great day in the city.