The Contortionist Music Video Shoot Day #1

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Today, Bonfire Films began the first day of production on The Contortionist’s Language I: Intuition music video.  The song will be the first single off their upcoming album, Language, set to be released on September 16th through EOne Heavy and Good Fight Music.


Vocalist Michael Lessard and director Corey Norman spent a lot of time before production began, trading ideas and building a concept that would allow both Michael’s lyrics an dCorey’s visual style to merge in a unique piece of art.  We spent today in a field and a forest in Lyman, ME bringing the narrative portion of the video to life.  As a Maine native, Michael was able to be on set for the production.

Directors of Photography Kenn Gonneville and and Ben Heald took the vision one step further through the lens of the RED Scarlett.  For the narrative portion of the concept, the choice was made to shoot at 60 and 120 frames per second to create a more dreamlike state within the footage.

In the morning, only six of today’s sixteen  crew members will return.  This small Bonfire contingency will embark on a road trip half way across the country to film the performance portion of the video, as well as a second music video for the track Primordial Sound.

We would also like to send out a HUGE thank you to Leonardo’s Pizza in Portland, ME for being a food sponsor yet again. These guys have amazing customer service and are one of the best pizza places around. They even have options for those of us that don’t eat dairy and gluten. Check them out online at: