The Contortionist Music Video – Road Trip

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A nineteen hour road trip doesn’t seem nearly as bad when you’re spending with with six of your closest friends. Exhausted, we rolled into Noblesville, IN at roughly 6am on Friday 7/11. After a few hours sleep, we were up and heading to our location, but not before Linda Baca (the mother of two band members and our gracious hostess) packed us with bagged lunches for the day. Our location was about 30minutes outside of Noblesville. It was a large barn in a sea of corn fields. The space wasn’t quite what we had imagined it would be, but as luck would have it, we came up with a great way to utilize the space after passing a burn pile in the back yard. Although I won’t be showing a frame from the finished video at this time, here’s a still I snapped through the view finder while we were transforming the space.


The night went surprisingly well. We shot until about 3am, but being that deepen corn fields, we didn’t keep anyone up, except for the home owners Kyle and Michaela, but they seemed to enjoy being part of the process. The last shot of the night was by far the most enjoyable. For the shot, we filmed Michael Lessard as the rain began to fall on him. IATSE would be proud,as we took every precaution known for man before letting the water go. After that, there wasn’t mush left todo but get a few more hours of shut eye.

Saturday 7/12 was our last day in Indiana. After rising around noon, we returned to the farm to shoot the second music video Primordial Sound, in which we created a very sterile environment for filming, something completely different than the first video. The day went great, and once we were finished we joined the band and BACA family for a barbecue to celebrate before hitting the road that night. Although we weren’t in Indiana for long, we felt very at home there. I think this is the start of a long relationship with The Contortionist.