Mother to Screen at Days of the Dead Atlanta with WOD

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Our short film MOTHER has been selected to screen as part of the World of Death screening at Days of the Dead Atlanta on Friday February 7th at 6pm. There will be a special guest introducing the films that I will announce later this week. For more information visit:

The line up is as follows:

– Machinations by Billy Prince
– Necrotic by Ross Williams
– The Magician by Neil King
– The Little Missus by Adam Beal
– The Mail Order Bride by Krystyna Nicely
– Malpractice by Steven Wesley Miller
– Mannequin by Katya Mokolo
– Dead Reception by Matthew Powell
– Marsupials by Nathan Armstrong
– Meet by Adam Roberts
– Zombies vs. Vampires… Over Beer by Eric Breitenbach
– Miami Cannibal by Krll Kantor
– Michael by Brad Bruce
– Misunderstanding by Dan Frantz
– Moisture by Ruben Rodriguez
– Hard Wood by Brad Slaton
– Mother by Corey Norman
– Mother by Jacob Regul
– Mothers Against Drunk Driving by Dan Fisk
– Bendición de Madre by Lex Ortega
– Munchies by Jason Overdorf & Brian Goren
– Psychadelia by Bryan Wolford
– Run, Run, Radiation by Bernard Anthony Lewandowski
– Treat Her Like Gold by Kate Fagan
– The Offering by Ryan E. Glosemeyer
– Makeover by Mike Tack
– Marked for Death by Olaf Svenson
– Marmalade by Gus Krieger
– Sleep by Chris Younes
– Macho by José Pedro Lopes
– Mental Image by Rubel Rafael Ahmed (Supa Rubz)