HorrorHound Weekend – Spring 2017

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Another spring break, another HorrorHound Film Weekend. Twice a year, we pack up our merch, gather our cast and crew, and drive over 1,000 miles to attend one of our favorite horror conventions. As always, we spent the weekend manning the HorrorHound films table, slinging copies of The Hanover House, Tickle and our newest short White Drift. This time actress Casey Turner joined us for autograph signings and pictures in her first ever convention appearance. On Saturday, White Drift screened prior to the new A24 release Blackcoat’s Daughter, directed by Oswald Perkins, the son of famed actor Anthony Perkins. The line was almost out the hotel door. It was such an exiting experience screening¬†in front of a packed room. But it wasn’t all work and no play. This year we made it a point to meet the cast of one of Corey’s favorite childhood films, The Monster Squad. But Haley had her fun too, meeting Richard Brake of Doom, 31 and Games of Thrones fame.