Bonfire Films to take on “One for the Road” By Stephen King

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We’re very excited to be teaming up with our friends in Dark Farm Films to bring the work of author Stephen King back to his home state.  This year, we will adapt King’s short story One for the Road, filming it in the areas that King intended the dark tale to unfold; the Maine towns of Falmouth, Windham and Cumberland, better known to the literary world as Jerusalem’s Lot (Salem’s Lot).  Corey Norman, director of the wildly successful independent feature, The Hanover House, is set to direct, while Jenny Anastasoff, of the Damnationland hit Sui Generis and Haley Norman of The Hanover House are set to produce.  Being huge King fans, the group hopes to create a true love letter to the work of the author, while showcasing the state that has brought them so much inspiration.  Look for the short film when it hits festivals later this year.

“Stephen King has inspired me from childhood, I first snuck his books in the late 70s when I was allowed unaccompanied access to my school library. In 1995, his work launched my film career; Stephen King’s “Thinner” was the first movie I worked on. It seems appropriate that 20 years later, I finally get to make a King film.
Corey and I read or re-read the 37 dollar stories available, narrowed them down, debated, and chose “One for the Road” because it’s so Maine-y, scary, and we love vampires. The “Salem’s Lot” 1979 miniseries scared the bejesus out of me as a kid, during a sleepover.”- Producer Jenny Anastasoff
 “Jenny and I had been talking about doing a Stephen King film for a long time.  We’re both huge fans.  “One For the Road” was a story that’s stuck with me ever since I first read Night Shift as a teenager.  As Mainers, the snow is no stranger to us.  But even with something that we’re so accustomed too, being out at night in a in true Maine Nor’Easter is one of the eeriest experiences I’ve ever had.  I can’t wait to bring that atmosphere to the film.” – Director, Corey Norman

If you believe the only master of horror and suspense to come out of the great state of Maine is Stephen King, then you haven’t seen anything by Corey Norman.


“Director and co-writer Corey Norman brings a Stephen King-style to an indie horror audience like only a Maine-native can do.”

– HorrorHound Magazine


Based on the short story by Stephen King, One for the Road follows two aging Mainers, Booth and Herb “Tookey” Tooklander, as they attempted to rescue the family of a motorist, whose vehicle had become stranded in a ferocious blizzard.  Unfortunately for everyone involved, the car just happens to be stranded in Salem’s Lot.

“I feel like we Maine writers and filmmakers owe Stephen King a huge debt; his stories have inspired us, his books and films line my shelves. We are so lucky that he continues to be gracious with the dollar babies. Thank you, Mr. King, we will do our best to do the story justice, this film will be our love letter from Maine.” – Producer Jenny Anastasoff